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Ideals that make us different

Fly wherever you want

With more than 780 national and international destinations, we offer the same routes, updated according to season, as Vueling SA. In addition, we have the possibility to carry out own and external tours, without stopping flying under our VLG callsing.

Official virtual airline of Vueling

We are Vueling Virtual, the only official airline of the real; that commits us to a level of work, effort and service for our virtual pilots and quality in all our actions.

Integrated Reporting System

We use a custom flight registration system that gives us the ability to almost faithfully simulate a real environment.


We were born with the Real Airline, and in addition we fear experience proven in the use of systems, services and management of everything that relates to a virtual airline, we want to maintain a high level and excenlencia in the world of VAs.


We like what we do, we take care of this VA and we promote the aeronautical culture along with the rest of the VAs that operate in the flight networks; we have a philosophy and we are happy to share it.


We are not a VA for starting virtual pilots; We always advance in training, we demand a minimum and operate subject to a regulation of operations, fleet, flight, and pilots; it is our choice, free, and always available for when you are ready.

Our services

Training of virtual pilots
Vueling Virtual is a company that requires its pilots to prepare for the use of operations throughout the Airbus A319, A320 and A321 fleet. Along with theoretical and practical knowledge in virtual simulation. We also have valuable technical documentation, for those pilots who want to go further in their knowledge of fleet operations.
Flight analysis systems
With company’s own and third-party flight, operations and operating systems, we achieve a realistic recreation in the use of air operations and control systems, fleet, and pilot.
Virtual Air Operations
Vueling VA recreates the operations, systems and routes of the Royal Airline Vueling S.A, which has authorized Vueling VA to use its name, brand (VA) and colors, since the beginning of the operations of the actual company, in 2007.
Management system
We use as the main management system of the virtual airline Virtual Airlines Manager, VAM.
Flight Nets
We mainly use the online flight networks IVAO, in which we are VA certified and VATSIM, in which we are in the process of being VA registered.


Pablo Gonzalez

Presidente - CO-CEO

Fernando Cadaval

Operaciones - CEO

Efren Mundina


Oscar Almisas


Ismael Guanyica


Moises Dominguez



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