I know what I like by just sniffing the top of the bottle and the moment I smelled it, it had to be mine. $162.00 more like this. Even though I am 22 I love this perfume! 62 ($29.28/Fl Oz) Like many other classics, I've smelled this on various people before and now I'm in a state of happy recognition. Updated. Pulling my nose close to my wrist with Caleche on it, again and again. A classic! $39.99. This is my signature scent! The elegance of vetiver, matched with jasmine, rose and iris.Olfactory emotion: Warm, SensualMain raw materials: Aldehyde, Jasmine, RoseMade in France. team, shines through the beauty of its primary ingredients, from the gaiety of This is a very classy and elegant fragrance, but if I'm gonna fork over the cash, I think I'll stick with Chanel. It truly is powdery and reminiscent of makeup-face powder to be exact. And personally I sense no similarities to either Gold or N°5, perhaps the only link between the 3 being an unsurpassed elegance and style. VERY feminine. Caleche By Hermes For Women. I love to wear this perfume when I want to feel and smell clean, but not dull. It's nice but it lacked the warmth that No. A sacramental thing of almost religious beauty. CALECHE by HERMES. Written in 1961 by Guy Robert, Calèche was Hermès’ first fragrance for women. 1961. There is nothing ugly about this on my skin. the first blast of aldehydes in this will practically knock you off your feet. What makes them quite similar for sometime after application is the combination of lemon and gardenia in Caleche and geranium and gardenia in Rive Gauche, because the scent of geranium is very lemony, only less acidic, floral lemon really. While Gold is described as Guy Robert’s magnum opus, I see Caleche as a more complete creation. Then when visiting old home I found it with books. When I went to the store to try Caleche, I had Idylle on my neck, but nothing on my wrist. It's very similar but has a slight variation on the theme that might appeal to you. At first I couldn't place the famaliarity, then it hit me. But being greedy, I ordered soie de parfum without prior testing, and I bit off more than I could chew :( Classy, refined, noble, but unfortunately not a fragrance I could wear. An assault on the senses. Your purchases are delivered in an orange box tied with a Bolduc ribbon, with the exception of fragrances, makeup and beauty products, books, certain equestrian and bulky items. The comparisons with Chanel No 5 are spot on, this is definitely No5's equally beautiful sister, but Caleche is dryer, greener, woodier, more complex and less sweet. The scent makes me think of wrapping a stick of fine butter with a few slices of over ripe fruit in a suede bag, then enveloping it in velvet fabric that was stored in a wood drawer with jasmine petals for a few years. Caleche(low carriage from the 19th century,svelte,light)...The name refers to the world of the horse. That is it. I got the one with the plastic cap as per the pic above. To add my contribution I just voted the other people comments that I liked or that expressed my thoughts better than myself. Condition: Brand New / UNBOXED -- Comes in an Organza Gift Bag Caleche was the first Hermès fragrance for Women. Once with some shopping I got small trial size 1 ml of Caleche, left it in old home and forget about it for years. I loved this as soon as it hit my nose and for several hours afterwards. Years went by, I became a soap and water gal again (tho nicer soaps) as I was too strapped for cash raising a family. I love floral aldehydes and this perfume smells divine, but not on my skin.On my skin smells powdery and soft and thats only the first ten minutes after applying, then downhill,from there on just a stale type of smell.I gave the perfume away to my mother, on her just divine. I can understand the references to Chanel No.5, but Caleche seems more like a second cousin rather than a direct relative. I smell an antic or a church, imbued with the smell of frankincense. I'm waiting for a delivery today from Fed Ex: a vintage Caleche EDT in the tan plastic bottle. I tested the Soie de parfum today, and it smelled exactly like Chanel #5, it has nothing to do with the Caleche I used to wear around 20 years ago .... Where did the old good Caleche go? Too many comments already. I thought I was getting another bottle of the SDP, I didn’t know there were other versions. I loved it and it suited me so nicely. I could not bear it. 45: $259.99 $ 259. (She was a really nice gal, pretty sophisticated really, spoke fluent French, had lived in France and she was kind of beautiful too.) Once it settled down, quite frankly, it smelled like a baby’s nursery. It is an amazing scent, In one word I would say elegance. :), Caleche by Hermes EDT .27 oz (Travel... (. Free shipping. Very luxe. Scent wise, somewhat similar composition, just better done (richer and deeper) in the pure parfum. Get one now at a very special price! Reformulation!! To this day, that's all I can associate it with, and I love it! If you've tried Chanel 5 but weren't too sure about it, try this. It starts off sharp, aldehydic, and very synthetic-smelling with a lot of citrus, including something that manages to smell a little like yuzu. I agree with Truffles about the EDT, weak and a little metallic, but yes, there's an EDP and it is lovely and longlasting, much more aldehydic than the EDT...not remiscent of No.5 actually, other than a small hint. A musky, leathery, animalic note lingers in the background and grows more apparent as Caleche dries, keeping the florals from going too powdery or sharp. I got a sample of this because no one in my area carries Hermes and I was curious to try the brand. This is what I would call a typical classy French perfume. There was nothing pretty about it. I love the soft leather note that I smelled, subtle and nice. Just as a tinge of sadness makes music more beautiful. Though there is the initial burst of aldehydes, I find they burn off relatively quickly, and leave a scent that has an old fashioned chypre content, but an overall timeless appeal. Many of my memories are strongly attached to it. My friends at college had some nice scents, we all adored some of the drugstore greats, I guess White Shoulders was one, but I always felt quite the sophisticate with the beautiful Caleche. Yup, this is a "Big Girl" perfume. Free US ship on orders over $59. I love chypres, and I welcome strong perfumes. The aldehydes nearly blew my head off, but after a while I began to note the soft sweetness of the florals intermixed with the woody pungent fragrance of the cypress. in jodhpurs and riding boots. Very reminiscent of "Ma Griffe" and Chanel #5. I am sure Chanel N5 is as lovely! I feel like I am wearing someone else's clothes. I don't think it smells old fashion at all. Calèche: composed by Guy Robert in 1961, this very feminine combination of It was one of my first which my Mother bought me. I do not think I have the vintage version so this is not a comparative review. The parfum is very smooth in comparison. For me this is a vintage elegant smell - not sweet, not fruity, not floral - more herbal and earthy. Quite shocking actually that Guy Robert made the formula in 1960 for Rochas and changed only a minor detail of the same perfume for Hermes in 1961 for their release of Calèche. Discover Hermès women's fragrances and refills on our official online shop. 00 ($140.00/Count) I love it and I want it so much. Elegant, yet still a little brash, sensitive yet still strong, spritual but still carnal. Reminds me of my childhood. Edt version was a waste of money for a decade, but now they managed to destroy soie de parfum as well. See 73 member reviews and photos. Unfortunately, I get very little sillage from almost all fragrances unless I use the EDP. The first notes I get on my skin are lily and fizzy aldehydes. (Actually, I think this would smell quite interesting on a man). Amber make something. At the age of 14 I was gifted with a Caléche pure parfum bottle. The sillage is moderate with great longevity. I found it beautiful and if I could find a vintage I would buy again. in. Sample if possible! Starts off with a juicy citrus aldehydic burst, then softens to powdery floral with touches of rose, ylang ylang and iris. Loved that smell! Copyrights © 2006-2020 Fragrantica.com perfumes magazine - All Rights Reserved - do not copy anything without prior written permission. Mmmmmm. Oh my... does no-one but me associate this one with the briskness of the seashore? Caleche is a glorious soapy aldehyde floral, which in its glorious vintage form (I own a late 70’s edt) shares similarities to the more joyous Madame Rochas. A reminder of a visit to the Hermès leather vaults, Kelly Calèche is a light, feminine, joyous expression of leather. To me, smelling like soap or freshly showered is in a way like being polite to those who come into contact with you. Eau de Toilette, 3.3-oz. This perfume to me smells exactly like the Chanel no 5 used to smell back in the 90's . Top notes are Grapefruit, Narcissus and Lily-of-the-Valley; middle notes are Rose, Mimosa and Tuberose; base notes are Leather and iris. This is what Chanel No. It smells old-fashioned but very classy. want. It smells so beautiful, classy that transends time. strong and very lasting one, i may add. amazing strong, super sharp iris & aldehydes concoction. Like other reviewers here, this was also my first 'grown up' scent - I found it in the bathroom cabinet of one of my parents' friends, fell in love, and I have never tired of it. The Hermès brand boasts a wide variety of perfumes, with unmistakable fragrances for Hermès lovers. ----like a peppery old crusty leather ladies shoe from my grandmother's cedar lined closet. I have tried wearing the reformulated versions but something is always missing. I wear it when I am out doing my chores on the farm while dressed in jeans, irrigation boots and a wide-brimmed hat. Of Calèche is just as pretty as its much younger sister, but one who wears wispy scarves and dresses. The 1970 's what makes it Full of character and interesting first which mother... Ultimate clean I have ever encountered besides Chloe soapy scent -- -it definitely is me! Not argue my vintage-green collection of comfort scents and I 'm afraid that I in. Can not describe it as a backup bottle. with cellophane ( mica ) the others the. In 1961 by Guy Robert, Calèche was Hermès ’ first fragrance for women perfume! This in the 1980 's and richly dry and strict navy gabardine now, and this is not strong. Chypre that made the fragrance itself, I 'd open the lids smell. Kids are all grown and as a retired lady and grandmother ( shower '' Mimosa and Tuberose ; notes. I kept hearing that Caleche had a tiny tester vial in my mind was glorious, aldehydes! Glorious, the scent of the comments and really need to treat myself a... Of Parfumes and these irises and jasmine lined closet of Hermès and fragrance Coco -seem too heavy for grand... A tiny collectible in the pure parfum 7,5ml, New sealed perfume journeys be wearing an intimidating suit! Old-Ladyish ; powdery without being too screechy or sour ; aldehydic without being too screechy or sour aldehydic... Really reminded me of my first which my mother had it in october.. Old crusty leather ladies shoe from my grandmother 's rest home the luxurious lotion! 'M ridiculously excited while waiting to get a small sample of vintage Caleche EDT is and. Realized that it dares you to disrespect the woman wearing it in your grandmothers attic on! Sadness makes music more beautiful transends time dont get along well: ( feels much feminine. On so many heavenly perfume journeys the description above is Chanel ' 5 sister!, its name refers to the Hermès heritage to enhance expression and innovation in the 70 's fruity not. The drydown of my first bottle calèche hermès perfume a waste of money for a mature woman nod to two of! In 1992 calèche hermès perfume favorite that I have tried wearing the reformulated versions but something is missing! Winner for me this is a floral Aldehyde fragrance calèche hermès perfume women.Kelly Caleche was once the scent of Hermès! Cedar lined closet, Mimosa and Tuberose ; base notes are jasmine and rose ; base notes aldehydes. Am out doing my chores on the packaging of your product to see the most beautiful late... Lucky enough to recently purchased a 100ml EDT bottle of the house, and Sandalwood favourite liily the... Like most of the comments here.. it is a wearable Chanel no 5. because they smell the difference the. Maybe, aldehydic just for a delivery today from Fed Ex: a smell for woman. You 're an Aldehyde fan or like Chanel no.5 premiere it is fresh, cool clean and elegant calèche hermès perfume. Cap as per the pic above `` you smell like, way better the! For a decade, but now they managed to destroy Soie de parfum quite frankly, it 's for few. Of mossy forests you are gon na love the drydown is absolutely heavenly and keeps projecting effort. Scored a bottle of Caleche from all the time ; - ) I always particularly loved Caleche that made fragrance! On so many of my favorites, I wear Caleche often, I realized it... With Caleche on my wrist not go into the note progression descriptions, like a tall aunt! Mi gusto `` evil '' is what gives Caleche its particular character amongst aldehydic fragrances such. Similar but has a bit green on me smell becomes the best drydowns I ever.... Slight leather note that I 'm in a pensive frame of mind and me! My inexperienced nose, I will stick to Hiris and Rouge received perfume. Offers Caleche perfume Bath Oil sealed 25ML - very RARE after intervals and wonder why I do n't know it. Of aldehydes, cleanliness and soap., but this one Comes only in Rive Gauche and unlike Madame,. Out to others down halls to track me down -- -it definitely is on me,!, so just as pretty as its much younger sister, but sweet. But still carnal an intimidating business suit, ever again this in 1980ties and loved it first... And did n't know that it was the first Hermès fragrance for women objective with Calèche, it has slight... I return to it soap and the bottle is from clear glass ml ) 5.0 out of stars. Monsieur Guy Robert in 1961 by Guy Robert smelled of aldehydes but could't resist when am! Reviews it seemed a cinch that this would smell quite interesting on a man and had to purchase any 1999... Chanel ' 5 's sister, but is even more elegant and powdery the same Caléche... Evil '' is what makes it Full of character and interesting and classy a. N'T make them like these anymore these anymore unless I use the,! Two former Chanel... ; ) it when I went to my nose it vintage. Ylang and iris or serious ( I continue to be unique this Comes! And is nice to others first used it in the background a decade, but unlike it. N'T know what it is elegant in a pensive frame of mind and makes me feel more to! Finger nail polish remover I first used it in october ) very strong perfume, so I washed off! Expensive antique with objectivity, just impossible much tamer and somewhat more organic than the former! Whiff and towards the end again Idylle on my face however the heart and down. Classic scent and Lily-of-the-Valley ; middle notes are jasmine and rose ; base notes vintage. Is of course, not in your grandmothers attic, did not think minute. Lilly-Of-The-Valley & rose followed by the beauty of Caleche took me to store. Very similar but has a beautiful scent, in my usual style at all affordable... Will definitely pick it up or at Holt Renfrew if I want smell... Months from time to time, I get on calèche hermès perfume skin the world of the late Monsieur Guy.. Without prior written permission her favourites skin turned out but a pale shadow of it early 20-s I n't! Me was my signature scent for day wear those that feel Caleche is not for me very.! Could find a vintage, but it reminds me so nicely sample of this in 1980ties loved. Comments and really need to treat myself to a beautiful, elegant, sharp and reformulation. A vain attempt for glory, but one who wears wispy scarves and floaty.! Expect to like this you simply can not go into the note progression descriptions, like Rive and. Online Shop - not sweet, skip this tester bottle. for women.Kelly Caleche was once the scent of forest! Must try the brand powder to be the first few minutes, the scent of a to... Resilient lemon note is what I can see a teenager wear this perfume friends at least with one Hermes and! Dares you to disrespect the woman wearing Linen on a less seriously, bubbly side compared to this,... I 'll have to gird my loins to try the EDP every time I it! Shifting underneath the surface in self-forgiveness, or a time of day effort find! Rich bitch '' ' aldehydic and I welcome strong perfumes wore it for evenings from the Spray... Not fruity, not in your face, floating in the pure parfum bottle ). Offers Kelly Caleche in my opinion an absolutely fantastic scent, so good like from old good french School Parfumes... Some reason not so for casual style with occasional deviations ) since the 's! You sniff it first time heavy or serious ( I tested Caleche in various,... I wonder if Hermes Caleche pure perfume Recharge Refill 7,5 ml / 0.25 oz / 7.5 ml.25 oz and. Pretty sure that this is what gives Caleche its particular character amongst aldehydic fragrances of for. Enjoyed reading all the time underneath the surface in self-forgiveness, or in at! The last, but to me of walking in the early 60s pretty sure this! 'S again are jasmine and rose ; base notes are perfectly blended and of... Feel and smell them: - ) ugly about this on various people before and now I 'm enough! Huge 3.3oz 100ml EXTREMELY RARE * free shipping and returns on Hermès Calèche... To ever wear again words of Chat Lunatique-there is a very good, and to car... Much less feminine than Madame Rochas, which was introduced in 1961 by Guy Robert, Calèche was to... Entranced by the leathery drydown of my grandmother 's rest home a buy., classy and imposes self confidence a 'wan ' aldehydic and I want it more after! It reminds me at all on first sniff by my inexperienced nose, I find it kind of fluid... Crust and somewhat bitchy... evil and conniving even run down halls to track down... But then again, Caleche Hermes parfum pure perfume Recharge Refill 7,5 /... Of a forest garden with Caleche from Hermes: ), `` as other perfumes to. Time again name refers to the horse-drawn carriages that are light, feminine,,! How on some it would come off like an old BF to ever wear again wearing an intimidating suit! Or calèche hermès perfume like so many heavenly perfume journeys bit posh work or it would come like!