We are a registered practice with the Landscape Institute and Urban Design Group, and offer clients … Landscape architects plan, design, create and manage landscapes and open spaces, in both natural and built environments. Landscape architecture degrees focus on topics such as architectural design, site planning, living space design, urban planning, urban design, park planning, regional planning, and historic preservation. Visit Us; How to Apply; Course Overview Features. Licensed landscape architects plan and design public outdoor spaces, such as parks, campuses, gardens, cemeteries, commercial centers, resorts, transportation facilities, and waterfront developments. Products / Metalco. The LAA website showcases the types of work the landscape architecture profession has done and can do to create a good environment and other public goods for society. Landscape architecture also continues to create innovative solutions to current issues related to green space aesthetics of roads, parks and gardens. Landscape Architecture Site best list. These prerequisites provide opportunities for in-depth studies in various areas of landscape architecture. //