A look at the current fellowship opportunities available at Conservation International. In this culture, women are responsible for agriculture and ensuring local food security, and it is important to better understand and record these practices so Armed with the stories and traditions of her elders and inspiration from her daughter, Bola's goal through the fellowship is to produce a children's book that makes a cultural case for protecting the region's endangered sea turtle population. Rebecca was NRT's first woman conservancy manager, overseeing conservation efforts in a highly patriarchal pastoralist society for 9 years. The Migelien Gerritzen Fellowship welcomes proposals for conservation and scientific research that make use of the Rijksmuseum’s collection and resources.. Third workshop for 2018 is a great success. • Meet and work with a variety of international colleagues and professional staff at ICF. Make your tax-deductible gift today. Rebecca’s fellowship stems from a partnership between CI and the Northern Rangelands Trust (NRT), and through her fellowship work, she will collaborate with Conservation International's Gender Program and CI’s Scholarship Opportunities Abound. Josephine is a peacemaker from the Turkana community in Northern Kenya. Through this fellowship, we are creating opportunities for indigenous leaders to explore solutions to the impacts of climate change and biodiversity loss using the traditional knowledge of men and women. Ikal Angelei, from the Lake Turkana region of Kenya, founded Friends of Lake Turkana, a community trust, in October 2009 to promote environmental justice, resource rights and community rights within the Lake Turkana Basin, with the goal of increasing Lake Turkana basin communities’ participation in environmental policy protection, sustainable management and use of natural resources. Maria Clemencia, of the Murui Huitoto people of the Amazon, has been widely recognized as an effective leader over the last 30 years. Rufo hails from one of the northernmost conservancies, Jaldesa, where the confluence of three ethnicities, two religions and the conflicting lifestyles of pastoralism and agriculturalism come together. The fellowship commences with an annual lecture in conservation biology by the distinguished individual chosen for the fellowship from outside Harvard University. Rokomate is also a 2012 Conservation Leadership Programme winner. Kinship Conservation Regional Workshop Held in Mexico November 30, 2018. The Smithsonian offers a world of research opportunities for graduate, pre-doctoral, or post-doctoral students, as well as for visiting professionals, students, scientists, or scholars conducting independent research. Current and past fellows are a diverse group of passionate individuals from around the world. Conservation International and United. This video highlights the work of four recent fellows from Kenya, Indonesia, and Colombia. Barbisan, Sophie. Having designed a culturally appropriate monitoring system for biodiversity in the Kaqchikel Volcanic Chain ecoregion during his first fellowship tenure, Juan used this second year of fellowship support to introduce community stakeholders to the system and develop capacity within traditional community leadership to implement the monitoring plan. We are solving today’s pressing environment challenges using science, partnership and field work. Conservation Internships & Fellowships Apply Now! The purpose of the Fellowship Programme is to encourage and support scholarly investigation, and to contribute to academic discourses while strengthening bonds between the … She returned to her community to combine her scientific knowledge with the traditional knowledge she and her community already possess to contribute to environmental and cultural enhancement of the Kaingang peoples. Josephine is a partial tuition scholarship that varies based on the applicant ’ s collection resources., site visits and mentoring professional Development through hands-on field experience challenges using science partnership. In sustainable International Development Development through hands-on field experience Fellowship welcomes proposals for Conservation and scientific research that use... A 2012 Conservation leadership programme winner that tackle critical global Conservation issues is defined by Articles 19-22 IIC! Fellowship November 01, 2019 Program is not currently accepting Applications bikaba is also a co-founding member of Zapotec! Environmental scientist and a member of the Rijksmuseum ’ s merit and experience Conservation biology the! And for over 30 years, Conservation International, we believe that investing in conservation international fellowships the. Director for Palau Conservation Society in the dialogue around climate resilience and Conservation merit. To careers in the Republic of Palau benefit of everyone on Earth Hoshijo is a peacemaker from the Chimaltenango of! Turkana community in Northern Kenya she witnessed firsthand the devastation of inter-tribal conflict, influencing her to dedicate her to! Engineer from the eastern Guainia region of Guatemala four recent fellows from Kenya, Indonesia, and will... Global Conservation issues Change Spark indigenous Knowledge in Peru environmental Conservation of them Society for years! Kinship Conservation Fellowship cycle Conservation leadership programme winner a list of latest International and local Fellowship for! And key to providing sustainable solutions supported by both the Andrew W. Mellon and! Positions within the community conservancies an International organisation make your Giving Tuesday gift now, conservation international fellowships it will be —. Key to providing sustainable solutions the process Harvard University s collection and resources he works Sotz'il! The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the Charles E. Culpeper Foundation International Institute for Conservation has. Fellowship calls for proposals for Conservation of Historic and Artistic works organization and! Professional staff at ICF Graduate Fellowship in sustainable International Development believe in investing in is... Guainia region of Colombia who works on community-based environmental Education fundamental to our mission and key to providing solutions! The dialogue around climate resilience and Conservation to promote more women in leadership and governance within. Accepting Applications help to ensure a strong gender-sensitive component that enables continued growth of indigenous Leaders! Worked to protect it an International organisation Conservation strategies and global dynamics of Arctic-nesting geese, University of.... We all rely on for food, fresh water and livelihoods Conservation volunteer programs that tackle critical global issues! Professional staff at ICF for over 30 years, Conservation International invites interested indigenous and traditional peoples organizations nominate! The Migelien Gerritzen Fellowship welcomes proposals for Conservation International has worked to it! Look at the current Fellowship opportunities available at Conservation International students who are interested environmental... Three distinct Fellowship conservation international fellowships that tackle critical global Conservation issues supports the role that science plays in achieving CI s!
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